Unity In Diversity
Aquajaya challenge 2016
AJC 2016 - Unity In Diversity

The event held on 28-29 May 2016 in Jakarta Convention Centre. The live aquascape contest split into two categories, battle of monster (top scaper based on invitation) and scape war (all scaper can participate). With the same rules, hardscape and layout must be done in location including the planting, the tank size is 60x35x35

Statistic :

– Scape War  40 Participant
– Battle of Monster  40 Participant
– Judges  4 Judges
– Visitor 4000
– Sponsors 26


Built in 1992, JCC have almost twenty years experience of hosting events for some of the world’s biggest movers and shakers. JCC premises were originally designed to accommodate 62 heads of state and their delegations for the 10th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in 1992. Since then, JCC have kept abreast of events and communications technology developments, delivering seamless start-to-finish service.

JCC are members of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the Association of Professional Convention and Exhibition Center Managers Worldwide (AIPC) and the Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association (IECA).


Live Contest Judges, we are lucky to have them in the event.

1.  Roland Seah,
Singapore,  Green Chapter

2.  Stan Chung
Malaysia, Malaysia Aquascaping Club

3. Wattanachai Chenarak
Thailand,  Ebi Club Thailand

4. Leo Khan
Vietnam,  Green Chapter Vietnam


Our Heroes, Our Band of Brothers :

Main Sponsors

UP Aqua, Nayo Aquarium, Aquatic Farmer, SL Aqua, DRY led Customs, Rasio Wear, Bucephalandra, AquaRiset, Aquascape Design Jakarta, Fertiqua, Ings Aquascape, Aaarden Asia, Aqua4Nature, ISTA aquarium, KKP and WP Citra.


Borneo Wild, MAC, Ebiclub, UKAPS, GreenChapter, GreenAqua, AquaZone, South Island, Aquarium Design, Lernscapen, PeHa68, One Research, AquaProject Store


The 1st & 2nd Winner of the Battle of monster is competed against the 1st winner of scape war  to get the grand champion. The grandchampion get the ticket to Thailand.

Grand Champion : Paryo Prayogi & Putra Annisa

Battle of Monster

  • 1– Delly Vicky & Adit Datditdut
  • 2– Dody Percasso & Nata Wirajaya
  • 3– Dedy Chili Pepper

Scape War

  • 1– Syarifudin & Irsyaq
  • 2– Deddy Syarial & Junchsen Nicholas
  • 3– Egi Bgiew Anto Yorke