Open since 2010, we’re originally just a bunch of hobbyist who love aquascape and yet jumped into the business by accident. Now we breathe under water and believe that we belong in Tetra family who schooling here and there.

We believe in the power of design, the strength of strategy, and the ability of technology to transform businesses and lives.

Well actually no, we just bunch of fun people who love to do aquascape and very passionate about it.

Aquajaya founded in 2009 in small rent lodging house in Kuningan, Jakarta. Started with two tanks 60 and 90cm, I trim alot of moss and somehow end up with sell it online in kaskus, back then is so hard to find aquascape products and the price is very costly.

2010 I opened AquaJaya first offline shop in Lenteng Agung Jakarta Selatan with Aria Satria. Later in 2016 Ewien and then followed with Wendy Joined. Now we have 3 Main shops and total 31 teams.

One stop shopping for your aquarium needs!

We are located in Jakarta, Bogor, Malang and Surabaya.

All the shops actually driven and related with the local hobbyst or community

We believe that money is the one who write history and the wife always had the money, sorry, okay that one is true, but we believe that business is adapt with community, we are depending on them, the hobby and business is aligned. Sharing knowledge and do activity with community will make the business last long.

One stop shopping for your aquarium needs!
We love water

Freshwater or Marine both equal, but now we are focused into fresh water. Kindly check our website www.AquaJaya.com for more information.

We Scape & Maintenance

We scape and maintenance, and we serious about it, we do aquascape, paludarium, vivarium, biotope. We understand that the hardest part is when customer ask is the plant is real? is it plastic? can you do two face aquascape in 20cm depth tank and 100cm height. We are trained for that!

We wholesale

We also do wholesale aquarium products, plants, hardscape, fish and shrimps, sometimes when the time is hard we also sells coconut or roasted corn to survive. Well life can be cruel, STAY STRONG!!